• April 2022

    Myanmar Liver Foundation (MLF) as an official endorser to the Innovations in NAFLD Care Workshop 2022

  • Dec 2019

    Myanmar Liver Foundation Central and Taungyi Branch at the Shan Literature and Cultural Hall in Taungyi, carrying out free screening for hepatitis B and C for the public and Health Education Talk for Prevention and Control of Viral Hepatitis. Test kits supported by Mylan for the " Free Myanmar from hepatitis campaign" 9-12-2019

  • Celebrating UHC ( Universal Health Coverage) Day in Myanmar at People’s Park, Yangon. - Myanmar Liver Foundation participate in the event, free testing for Hepatitis B and C and Counselling for positive case.
    #Universal_Health_Coverage_Day 12.12.2019

  • Jan 2020

    Meeting at Myanmar Liver Foundation with Prof David and Prof Alice Lee of Hep B Free Team/ DAK Foundation from Australia, planning for future collaborative activities. 7-1-2020

  • Myanmar Liver Foundation Activity at Kayin State:

    Health Education Talk on Viral Hepatitis and Hepatocellular Carcinoma at Hnitcha Village, Hpaan, Kayin State. 9.1.2020

  • Myanmar Liver Foundation Activity at Kayin State:

    Hepatitis B and C testing , Hepatitis B Vaccination and Counselling for positive cases carried out by the MLF ( Central) and MLF ( Hpa-An branch) at Hnitcha Village, Pha-An , Kayin State. Test kits are contributed by Mylan Co., Ltd and Hepatitis B Vaccine are donated by Ahba U Pe Than Kyaw. 9.1.2020

  • Evaluation Team from World Health Organization visits Myanmar Liver Foundation Office and Than Sitt Charity Clinic. 20-1-2020

  • Community Parters International team lead by Mr Thomas Lee, MD MSH, Adj. Professor of Emergency Medicine, UCLA School of Medicine, Board Chairperson (CPI ) visited Than Sitt Charity Clinic, MLF yesterday. 18.1.2020

  • Feb 2020

    Ms Kelly Abfalter, President of Rotary Club of Essendon, Australia and Mr Richard Lawrence and Team donating a second new portable ultrasound to Myanmar Liver Foundation to be used at the Charity Clinic. The 1st one was donated in 2017 and has been used for over 4000 liver patients free of charge at Than Sitt Charity Clinic. Thanks so much to the donors and to the Radiologists assisting at the clinic 7-2-2020

  • Myanmar Liver Foundation Team attending the 6th Myanmar International GI and Hepatology Conference, 2020 at Wyndham Hotel, Opening speech by Dr Myint Htwe, Union Minister of Health and Sports and Welcome speech by Prof Thein Myint, President of GI and Liver Society 8-2-2020

  • At the GI and Liver Symposium on Day 2 at the Wyndham Hotel from 8 am to 5:30 pm with colleagues from MLF and MGLS, listening to interesting and highly academic presentations by international and local Hepatologists 9-2-2020

  • Launching ceremony for the opening of the Myanmar Liver Foundation(Pathein Branch) and Charity Clinic by Deputy Director General Dr Than Tun Aung(MOHS), Dr Khin Pyone Kyi (President of MLF) Prof Win Win Swe (Vice President of MLF), Dr Than Min Htut and Dr Thein Pe Myint (Head of MLF, Pathein Branch)and also handing over of Ultrasound from MLF (Central) to MLF (Pathein Branch) 17-2-2020

  • Health Education Talk at the Myanmar Medical Association (Pathein), by Dr Khin Pyone Kyi and Prof Win Win Swe to mark the launching ceremony of the opening of Myanmar Liver Foundation and Charity Clinic in Pathein 17-2-2020

  • With Prof Win Win Swe and MLF Team - Presentation of Auto immune Hepatitis and Diagnostic tests by Euroimmune Company from Singapore(Germany) 27-2-2020

  • March 2020

    Day 1 at Asia Pacific Association Study of the Liver (APASL) Meeting , Myanmar Liver Foundation Team at the Convention Center in Bali, Indonesia 4-3-2020

  • Day 2, Poster display and presentation by Dr Hnin Nandar Htut, BKKee, MLF and CPI Teams at APASL Liver Meeting in Bali, of the interim report on the Hepatitis B treatment for HBsAg Pregnant mothers to prevent mother to child transmission 5-3-2020

  • APASL Liver Meeting -Proster Presentation for the UNITED/FIND/MLF/ Burnett Institute for Community Testing and Treatment for Hepatitis C infection in Myanmar ( CT2 Study) 7.3.2020

  • Meeting with Burnet Institute, Australia, at Than Sitt Charity Clinic, Myanmar Liver Foundation, for future collaborative works 20-3-2020

  • Date – 20 Oct 2018

    Myanmar Liver Symposium 2018 was successfully held on 20th and 21st October 2018 in Yangon, Myanmar, at the Novotel Hotel Max Yangon

  • Date – 4 Apr 2019

    The very first step for “Free Myanmar from Hepatitis” Project, a collaborative activity of Myanmar Liver Foundation with MOHS and Mylan :

    Meeting and Training of Trainers for HBV and HCV screening in Community were carried out today @ Than Sitt Charity Clinic with MLF central/branches and Mylan

  • CME (Yangon)

    "Hepatitis C Awareness Raising Seminar for General Practitioners" held by Myanmar Liver Foundation and Community Partners International (CPI) at Myanmar Medical Association, Yangon in 24th August 2017, at Myanmar Medical Association.

  • CME (Mandalay)

    " Hepatitis C Awareness Raising Seminar for General Practitioners" held by Myanmar Liver Foundation and Community Partners International (CPI) at Myanmar Medical Association, Mandalay in 24th September 2017, at Myanmar Medical Association.

  • CME (Pakokhu)

    " Hepatitis C Awareness Raising Seminar for General Practitioners" held by Myanmar Liver Foundation and Community Partners International (CPI) at Pakokhu General Hospital of Magway Division in 19th November 2017.

  • CME (Winemaw)

    " Hepatitis C Awareness Raising Seminar for General Practitioners" held by Myanmar Liver Foundation and Community Partners International (CPI) at Myanmar Medical Association, Bamaw in 10th February 2018.

  • "Virology, epidemiology and laboratory diagnosis of hepatitis C" by Dr Khin Pyone Kyi (President of Myanmar Liver Foundation), "National Hepatitis Control Programme and Elimination of Chronic Hepatitis C" by Professor Win Naing and "Hepatitis C in General" by Professor Win Win Swe shared their knowledge and awarded the completion certificate to the attendances.

  • World Hepatitis Day July 28th, 2019
  • World Hepatitis Day 2018 (Find the missing millions)
  • World Hepatitis Day 2017 (Eliminate Hepatitis)
  • World Hepatitis Day 2016 (Elimination)
  • World Hepatitis Day 2015 (Prevent Hepatitis: It’s up to you)
  • World Hepatitis Day 2014 (Prevent Hepatitis: It’s up to you)
  • World Hepatitis Day 2013 (Prevent Hepatitis: It’s up to you)
Health Educational Talk broadcasted through MRTV, Skynet TV, Media 7 within 2017-2018
1. 11-7-2017 World Hepatitis Day 2017 Skynet TV
2. 25-7-2017 World Hepatitis Day 2017 MRTV
3. 26-7-2017 Alcohol-Related Liver Diseases Media 7
4. 28-12-2017 Hepatitis B and C Infections Media 7
5. 26-1-2018 Than Sitt Charity Clinic Skynet TV
6. 30-2-2018 Hepatitis B Vaccine Media 7
7. 9-6-2018 Fatty Liver Disease Skynet TV
8. 18-6-2018 Cirrhosis of Liver MRTV

Broadcasting Health Educational Talk via City FM Radio
1. 28-7-2017 World Hepatitis Day 2018 (Dr. Win Aung)
2. 7-5-2018 Myanmar Liver Foundation (Dr. Khin Pyone Kyi)
3. 11-5-2018 Viral Hepatitis Infections (Dr. Khin Pyone Kyi)
4. 21-5-2018 Hepatitis A (Dr. Khin Pyone Kyi)
5. 25-5-2018 Hepatitis B (Dr. Win Aung)
6. 25-5-2018 Hepatitis D (Dr. Win Aung)
7. 4-6-2018 Hepatitis C (Dr. Khin Pyone Kyi)
8. 18-6-2018 Hepatitis E (Dr. Win Aung)
9. 22-6-2018 Alcohol-Related Liver Diseases (Dr. Khin Pyone Kyi)
10. 22-6-2018 Fatty Liver Disease (Dr. Khin Pyone Kyi)

Health Educational Talk, Screening and Vaccination all over the country
1. 30-7-2017 Yangon General Hospital (50 pax)
2. 2-8-2017 Nun Monastery at 10 Mile Hill, Yangon (36 person)
3. 8-8-2017 Tamwe Deaf School (100 pax)
4. 9-8-2017 Pin Lone Special Clinic (275 pax)
5. 18-8-2017 Myanmar Liver Foundation, Mandalay (1600 pax)
6. 18-8-2017 Seae_Sar_Yake Aging Home, North Dagon Township (144 pax)
7. 22-8-2017 Ka_mar_net Village, Bago Region (210 pax)
8. 22-8-2017 Orphanage School, Yangon (104 pax)
9. 22-8-2017 Martyr Blood-Donor, Da_La Township (150 pax)
10. 25-8-2017 Myanmar Red Cross Society, Yangon (50 pax)
11. 26-8-2017 Mega Pharmaceutical Factory (288 pax)
12. 29-8-2017 United Nation, Yangon (78 Pax)
13. 18-9-2017 New General Hospital of Yangon (200 pax)
14. 20-9-2017 Ni Ni Laboratory (15 pax)
15. 17-10-2017 Than_Hmo Village, Tauntha Tsp, Myingyan District (775 pax)
16. 22-12-2017 Yangon General Hospital (15 pax)
17. 4-2-2018 Ceremony of World Cancer Day, Mahar Bandula Park (200 pax)
18. 11-2-2018 Myit_Wa Village, Za_Lun Township, Ayarwaddy Region (600 pax)
19. 19-2-2018 University of Medicine (1), Yangon (75 pax)
20. 24-4-2018 Department of Hepatology, Yangon Specialty Hospital (50 pax)
21. 8-6-2018 Blood Donors, Ma_U_Bin Township, Ayarwaddy Region (30 pax)
22. 10-6-2018 Taungngu Branch of Myanmar Liver Foundation (199 pax)
23. 22-6-2018 Kawt_Hmuu General Hospital (135 pax)