• Than Sitt Charity Clinics, established on 3rd May 2017 in Yangon and 1st January 2018 in Mandalay
  • In memorial of Late Prof. Dr. U Than Sitt (Famous Hepatologist of Myanmar and Founder of MLF)
  • Creating Myanmar with low burden of chronic liver diseases
  • To furnish the comprehensive health care services for chronic hepatitis B and C patients at an affordable cost, in alignment with National Hepatitis Control Program of the Ministry of Health and Sports
  • To deliver the preventive services for liver diseases
  • To provide the consultation services for chronic hepatitis B and C cases
  • To offer the advanced investigation services and treatments for chronic liver diseases at subsidized costs
Than Sitt Charity Clinic – 1 (Yangon)
Address No 33-35, Ground Floor, Pathein Street, KyunTaw (Middle) Ward, Sanchaung Township, 11111, Yangon
Phone 09 9644 82820 , 09 9645 82820
Than Sitt Charity Clinic – 2 (Mandalay)
Address No-B(8), Thiri Avenue (1), 35 street, Between 70th & 71st Streets, Mahar Aung Myay Township, Mandalay
Phone 09-9544 82820 , 09-9545 82820
Services available at Than Sitt Charity Clinics
  • Counseling to patients regarding Hepatitis disease testing and treatment
  • Laboratory screening to Hepatitis B and C
  • Medical consultation and Treatment with Hepatologists
  • Provision of health education pamphlet ,necessary documents, record books and laboratory forms
  • Assessment of liver status by fibroscan and ultra-sonogram
  • Hepatitis B Vaccination
  • Basic laboratory testing
  • Advanced laboratory testing with subsided costs
  • Antiviral drugs available in reasonable and fair prices
  • Proper referral of patients to the hospital if needed.
Services provided and No. of patients attending at Than Sitt Charity Clinic (Yangon)
(from May 2017 to Sept 2018)
Sr. No Type of Services Number of Patients
1 Consultation & Treatment of HBV Patients 2336
2 Consultation & Treatment of HCV Patients 2046
3 Consultation & Treatment of HBV + HCV Patients 100
4 Consultation & Treatment of HCV + HIV Patients 72
5 Counseling 4554
6 HBsAg Screening 3420
7 Anti-HCV Screening 5150
8 Basic laboratory testing ( HBV markers + RBS) 4894
9 Ultrasound Imaging 2790
10 Fibroscan Imaging 2124
11 Hep-B Vaccination 8255